NEXIO Meeting User Guide

NEXIO Meeting is an interactive online meeting system for corporate trainings and conferences.

Log In

1. Open the NEXIO Meeting page. If you are logged in, you can select the meeting to join and click on the Join button. You can also join the meeting as Moderator/Attendee by entering meeting password if you are not signed in, you can sign in to the meeting website or if you don’t have an account, enter your name and meeting password. Click Join Meeting button. In some meetings, a moderator’s presence is required for the meeting to start, the page will take the password and check if the meeting has started, and automatically redirect the attendee as soon as a moderator joins the meeting.

  • Moderator – Manages the meeting, can become/make anyone, a presenter.
  • Attendee – Attends the meeting as a participant or listener.

2. Select the option from How do you want to join the audio?

  • Select Microphone if you want to join meeting and speak to others in the meeting.
  • Select “Listen only”, if you only intend to listen during the meeting.

You can change this option by clicking on the headset icon on the top left corner of the meeting page.

If you click on Microphone, when asked, click on “Share Selected Device”/”Share Device” button and test your audio from your microphone/headset. Make sure that you select the appropriate audio device while sharing the device.

Click yes, if you are able to hear your own voice,

If you are not able to hear your own voice, then click No and check your audio control settings and audio recording device.

Click on OK when Record Meeting notification is displayed (This will be asked only if the meeting is being recorded).

Meeting Page

3. When you join a meeting, your microphone is muted by default. Users can unmute themselves by clicking on Muted button, which will change to Unmute when you move your mouse over it. If you would like to speak something, or express your reaction, you can do so by clicking the hand icon. A moderator can clear the statuses, mute/unmute all or lock users by clicking gear icon.

4. If you want to share your webcam, you can do so by clicking the camera button on the top bar. If a user is sharing webcam, it is visible on the bottom left portion of the meeting page. If multiple users are sharing webcam, all of them will be visible as thumbnail, you can click on a webcam to view bigger video.

5. The top bar on the meeting page contains (from left to right):

Audio Device Sharing: To change audio sharing settings.
Camera Sharing: To start or stop sharing your webcam video.
Record Meeting: To start or stop recording the meeting. Only present if the Record Meeting option was selected while creating the meeting. Only moderators can start or stop recording.
Muted/Unmute: To mute or unmute the microphone.
Meeting Name
Shortcut Keys: Key combinations to perform certain predefined tasks.
Log out: to finish the session and close the meeting .

6. The bottom bar on the presentation window (from left to right, and only available to presenter):

Upload Document: To upload a document for the presentation.
Start a poll: To ask a question from the audience in the form of a poll.
Document Navigation: This will navigate between the pages of the document.
Zoom Bar: To zoom in and out of the document, in the document window.
Fit presentation to width.
Fit presentation to page.

7. The bottom bar on the meeting page contains (from left to right):

Developed by NEXIO: NEXIO Meeting is developed by NEXIO.
[WebRTC Audio]: If this is displayed, your audio connection is good, if this tag is not present, then the audio connection between your device and server is not optimum. You may want to check your audio settings, internet connection and internet settings.
Language Selection Menu: By default, it is English, as NEXIO Meeting is currently available in English only.
Layout Selection Menu: It sets the layout of the meeting page. By default it is “Default Layout”. It can be customized by the user, depending on the meeting type. There are 6 options available: Default, Video Chat, Webcam, Presentation, Lecture Assistant and Lecture.
Apply Layout to all users: Available to presenter, this option will set the layout of all members present in the meeting to the layout option selected by the presenter in the Layout Selection Menu.

8. A moderator can upload the document for the presentation in PDF format by clicking the upload button at the bottom of the meeting page. If a document is not available in PDF, NEXIO Meeting will try to convert it into PDF format (this feature is available for popular document formats). It is recommended that the presenter converts the file before the meeting and uploads in PDF format.

In the upload file window, click on the file from the list and click Show button (if already uploaded) or click on Select File button to select a file from your computer. After selecting a file, click Upload. The file will appear in the list of files. Click on the uploaded file and click Show button.

9. A presenter has the option to use the presentation window as a drawing board. They will have an annotation window option available at right side of the layout which contains multiple tools to write on the presentation area, over the presentation document. The changes made by using these options will not affect the original document, however they will be saved in the meeting recording, if the meeting is recorded.

10. Chat window is on the right side of the meeting window, which can be used to communicate with other members in the meeting via text based messages. Initial screen on this window will contain general information about the meeting in Public Chat tab. All messages sent in Public Chat are visible to everyone present in the meeting.

To start a private chat with another attendee/moderator, click on Options in the Chat window and click on the person with whom you want to initiate a chat session. Options tab also contains Chat font size, and an option to play a sound when a new chat message arrives.

11. After joining the meeting, a moderator can make anyone presenter at any point during the meeting. A moderator can also mute or unmute anyone by clicking on the mic icon in front of an attendee or a moderator.

12. Moderator will have full control over mute, unmute or to see or not to see webcams, to allow or give permission for any activity.

13. Moderators also have the option to start or stop the recording of the meeting at any time during the meeting. However Record Meeting option should be selected while creating the meeting room, otherwise record button will not be displayed. These recordings show up after the meeting on the “Create a Meeting” page. Recordings are processed after the meeting, so it may take upto 30 minutes till they show up on the page. These can be played back any number of times.

14. To record a meeting, click on Start Recording button and Stop Recording using the same button when required. This option is only available to moderators.


15. If there is no internet connection available or you do not have a computer, to join the meeting, you can use your phone to join the meeting. You will be charged by your network/phone provider for the call.

To join the meeting using dial in, you can dial the meeting’s dial-in number. Meeting’s dial-in number is static, and is available on the Public Chat window on the right side of the meeting page.
After you dial the number, an automated voice will ask you for the Conference Number.
Conference number is available once the meeting has been started. It is visible in the Public Chat window on the right side of the meeting page.
After the Conference Number, you will be asked for Conference Pin Number, if not set by your organization, by default the Conference Pin Number of the meeting is the first three digits of the Conference Number followed by 11. For example, if your Conference Number is 72123, then your Conference Pin Number will be 72111. After entering the Conference Pin Number you will join the meeting.

Managing the antendees

16. A moderator can make any participant, a presenter, at any point during the meeting

17. A moderator can mute/unmute any participant in the meeting.

18. They can stop any webcam stream of any participant.

Log out

19. You can leave the meeting by clicking on the Log out button, available at top right of the meeting page.