Scale and increase customer and staff engagement opportunities

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Hold conferences and meetings in just few clicks. Increase team productivity using Meetio without the worry of leaving your other tasks behind. Seat comfortably on your own place or even when you are in the field and discuss the future of your company. Get these advantages at a minimal expense for greater values.

Why use Meetio?

  • Connect with participants from all over the globe
  • Save travel costs and no long distance travel required.
  • join meeting without internet by dialing in with your phone.
  • Convenient and easy to set up.
  • No specialized equipment required.
  • Can be set-up with little advance notice based on availability of online meeting room.
  • Easy access from most desktops, laptops and some mobile devices
  • Numerous features available to select for the level of collaboration preferred


Send public messages to all of your colleagues
Send private messages to selected people


Video Conference

See the people you are having meeting with in one dashboard
Let yourself be seen by your colleagues
Multiple users can share webcam


Dial in

Let you join a conference using your phone even if you are in the field and have no internet connection


Desktop Sharing (BETA)

Let you share your screen whenever necessary

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Ask questions from the audience and get results instantly

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When in discussion, you can write, draw, highlight text, edit text and etc



Document sharing (MS Office, Videos, Photos, etc)


Record and Playback

Your conferences can be recorded automatically and your colleagues will be able to review it when needed

Social Media strategy


Used for Corporate training and for new service launch.


Conferencing system

Increase Productivity by having a webinar or tutorial ready to deploy online, you save all the time that’s usually spent on coordinating with clients, employees, and customers.

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