Use your time and money for your core business process

With NEXIO Mail Security, we can help your company prevent possible losses

We do the following:

  • Check if incoming emails are clean, meaning it is virus-free and spam-free
  • Prevent unwanted files and email contents from reaching your clean inbox
  • Categorize emails based from your needs, we can put trusted emails in whitelist
  • Block unsafe emails and put in blacklist
  • Secure that all emails are free from any possible attacks

Antivirus Protection

Protect your inbox from virus attacks

Spam Protection

Protect your inbox from spam and unwanted e-mails

Phishing Protection

Protect yourself from phishing attacks

Why use NEXIO Mail Security?

  • We are using updated technology
  • Our dashboard is easy to use and can resolve issues using one tool
  • Affordable
  • We value your company time and help you reduce downtime
  • Helps increase employees’ work productivity
  • Boost your confidence that you are working in a secured email system
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